Why You Need A Ring Light for Instagram Photos As A Hairdresser

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If you’re showing off your work on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, or any other platforms, then you need the right equipment. The best thing you can equip yourself with is the ring light?  Nowadays, many social media influencers, are using the ring light to showcase their talent, gain followers and earn views. This is because, ring lights can give an excellent view of your work in the form of photography, videos, live screening, and taking selfies. Despite being able to use the ring light for so many platforms, I’ve titled this blog “why you need a ring light for Instagram photos as a hairdresser” because Instagram focuses so much on imagery!

The ring light is a must-have to showcase your talent to the whole world online. Its lightning technology helps you get a perfect balance of lighting focus on your desired target. 

What is a Ring Light?

A ring light is an excellent lighting technology, that is designed to focus lightening on an object, or person in front of it. In simple words, it’s a flashlight in form of a large circle that is like a donut. The hollow area in between the circle is a place where the camera lens is held. The reason for that is to gain maximum light from the ring light. That camera lens combined with the ring lightning, therefore, gives breathtaking results. 

As per its history, it was first invented in 1952 by Lester A. Dine for medical purposes such as dentistry. Later, it became a popular tool in the fashion industry and is now a symbol of causing sensational results in the world of social media. It is available in different varieties ranging from 8 inches to 20 inches. The size 10 inches in ring light, is famous for taking selfies, whereas the size of 12 inche ring light, is normally used in the fashion industry. 

How to Use A Ring Light?

To use a ring light effectively, you should use it close or around the camera lens so that focus can be captured easily. If you have managed to place light correctly on the target subject, then you’ll get astonishing results. Since the light comes with a tripod stand, it might become difficult for you to manage first as a beginner, because the tripod stand is quite heavy. So, what you can do is, mount it on the wall. If the ring light is a high end, it will give you a great ability to shoot photographs or make videos, using low ISO (sensor brightness) conditions, preventing distortion from occurring. 

If you are using a ring light in the morning or afternoon, natural-looking light on your client would be perfect. So, lower the temperature of your ring light between 5000K to 6500K for a better appearance. A light brighter than this on your test subject during the day would cause a ghostly appearance, which would be highly unappealing. If you are facing brightness issues, remember you can always adjust brightness, or, you can just move the ring light a bit further from your client/test subject to avoid high brightness. 

Tips on Purchasing a Ring Light

Before buying yourself a ring light as a hairdresser, consider the following:

  • Check the cost and the quality of the ring light. The best quality ring light can be available for $100 
  • Consider buying lighter-weight ring lights. This will help you carry weight easily during traveling 
  • When purchasing the ring light, check the durability and quality. Make sure to check its maintenance parts availability as well. This will help you a lot in the future in case if you would need any maintenance. 
  • While buying a ring light, check out its customer reviews. Sometimes, the lighting from a ring light will cause errors like chromatic aberration. Due to this error, you might spend hours on photoshop fixing it. Therefore, purchase the product carefully. 
  • If you find ring lights with advanced features such as bendable arms, then consider buying them. Advanced features are a plus when it comes to ring lights. It will help you even more in your hairdressing business. 

Benefits of Using A Ring Light

As a hairdresser, using ring lights can boost up your business like crazy. Your hair game will get even stronger due to the lightning focus on your hair styling. Therefore, you need to get an idea regarding some of the great benefits of using a ring light. These are mentioned below:

  1. Emphasis on Detail

There is nothing better for taking great photographs or making videos, than having good lighting. If you want to show off your talent on social media, then you need to consider having one. Due to its circular design, it helps hide shadows, focusing a lot on the client details. The salon ring lights that are most affordable are by Neewer with a price below $100. Check out the ring light by Neewer here https://amzn.to/3cS3akR

  1. Beautiful Hair Lightening

Lightening on hair gives it a beautiful, shiny appearance. If there is no lightening on hair, the color, texture, quality, and shine of hair will hide under the shadows. Ring lights don’t allow your beautiful hair styling to hide under the shadows. To highlight the texture, color, shape, and thickness of hair, backlight you or your client. Do this by either placing the ring light above the subject or behind. Also, make sure to give front light to the client as well, to avoid shadows appearing on the client’s face. 

  1. Excellent Performance

Ring lights offer professional results of photography and videos. If you want to create a portfolio of your hair work, then use a ring light on a test subject and take pictures or make a video for promotional purposes. The soft light of this tool will reduce shadows, and hide wrinkles and blemishes on the face, offering high-quality results. Also, it adds sparkle to the eyes of your client, allowing not only the hair of your client but also the face to appear ravishing. 

  1. Versatile Usage

Ring lights are used for multiple purposes. They are versatile, meaning you don’t only need to use them in salons, or studios, but also for social media, taking selfies, recording a vlog, doing traveling videos, live streams, photographs, and more. Regardless of whether an influencer, a traveler, a blogger, a makeup artist, or a hairdresser, you can use this one tool to do wonders. 

Why Ring Lights are Best for Instagram Users?

Instagram is all about influencers, showcasing their skills and talent. If you go on Instagram, you’ll find tons of amazing photographs, videos, live streams, and more. The competition there is intense, so if you want to promote your business on Instagram, you need to focus on improving the quality of your work. To do this, you would need good lighting, and what tool can be better for that other than a ring light?

Like I mentioned previously, competition on Instagram is intense, so quality lightening focus on your work would inspire people, attract them, ensure them to look for more pictures and videos of your work, automatically leading you towards earning more followers and views. 

Some of the examples of ring lights for creating perfect content are below:

The content creators can either use their phone camera lens or a DSLR camera lens for shooting perfect pictures and videos. However, make sure your phone camera quality is excellent. Also, make sure the DSLR camera lens can be fitted in the ring light you are about to purchase. Therefore, do your research carefully. 

Why Using A Ring Light Is Important for Instagram Users?

As I mentioned previously, there is a lot of competition on Instagram. There are many content producers, influencers, freelance hairdressers, and experienced hairdressers. Some have a lot of fan following, some don’t. If you are new in promoting your business, or your work on Instagram, you need to do a lot of work. You need to ensure; you are offering what others don’t. To make interesting videos and capture beautiful photography, you need quality content, and as a hairdresser, quality content comes from high-quality lighting, offering professional results.

Ring lights can help bring better focus on your work, hiding any unwanted shadows, and the dullness that may occur in a photo without this tool. 


From the above-mentioned article, we can safely say that ring lights are an excellent source of improving the quality of your work, offering professional results, causing an impact on your approach to photos or video!

Below is the Neewer ring lights as recommended.

Ring Light Tips For Hairdressers

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