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How do you sell more retail a week and why is it important to sell?

I’ve always said retail is the salad dressing to the salad. Think about it…if the customer is investing in a color or trying to duplicate the blowdry, product is a must. If they want to maintain that look you just gave them or prevent fadage, it’s our job as the professional to educate. 

So, think of hair products as your insurance. Using the right products will help to recreate the look you’re giving them. Not sure the right words to use to sell it? It’s as simple as “To insure the look we’re giving you today, you’ll need these products.” 

Sometimes the product sells itself. The appearance or scent, can affect a buyers choice. Put the product in their hand. Pop the top and let them smell it. Talk about ingredients that’ll spark interest.

“What you’re smelling is coconut. It’s a gentle shampoo that’ll last you months.”

Talk up the benefits…for example
*This will extend the life of your color.
*This will ensure the look we’re aiming for on a regular basis.
*This product believes in not testing it on animals.

I’m giving the benefits of the product and telling them why they need it. If they ask what they can get from the local store, you have no knowledge of what’s in the local store and can’t guarantee the product. It’s as simple as using those few words.

We’re the professional. They look at us as the authority and selling the right products or recommending what they need creates trust. This is important to note, because statistically speaking, client retention is based on this as well. They will stay with you longer, as a stylist who advises the right products for their hair.

Here’s an easy way to sell more than one products. When the service is finished and you’re writing a ticket, head over to the retail display. Mention the products that were used and ask “Which one would you like to get today?”

By asking some if they need product, leaves it very open to simply say “not at the moment” or “not right now.” But by asking which one would you like to get today, they’ll be more inclined to pick at least one. 

Selling retail products will also give you a boost in your paycheck. Depending on what arrangement you have with your salon, the commission made is a nice way to give yourself a little raise. If they buy multiple product, just imagine selling to every client what that looks like on paper. Work smarter, not harder!

Pay attention to the displays in your location, and how your retail is set out. If it’s sloppy, not priced correctly, or just plain dusty…there’s work to be done. You can’t sell a pizza that looks overcooked and old. Take pride in making sure things look good. It may not be your job, but as a team member take initiative, because everything under the salon umbrella is part of your job. If you have a free moment, make things look good before you bring the client to the product displays.

To sum it up
* Use the right words when selling
* Educated your client the benefits
* Let the client touch or smell the product
* Pay attention to your retail display and it’s appearance.
* Sell more retail, make more money for yourself!

Hope these tips help you out, as you can always learn something about yourself in selling. Maybe you’ve been able to sell based on a different approach. Leave a comment of what works for you!

Eric DeLuca

Eric DeLuca

A hairdresser/barber helping those find their voice in the beauty industry. Sharing skills about the trade in creating a strong mindset. His coaching has helped hundreds identify the needs in building their personal brand and attaining their goals. He believes anyone can be successful, but it starts with a vision.