The Power Of Words

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Let’s talk about “Paralysis by Analysis” & “The Power Of Words.” 

You may not even know it, but you may be holding yourself back with the words you use and the lack of action you may be taking.

Quit overthinking everything. You’ll never get started if you think too much about it. Making excuses just gives power to not committing yourself to any action. The “What If’s” will take over and the doubt will set in. What if this doesn’t work? What if I don’t do it right? Your words have power, so be sure not to fall into that category of people who say things that never come out on the positive end. If you say “I hope I have a good day today” or “I hope I’m busy” you are already setting yourself up for failure. Your expectations should not be based on hope, but proper planning and execution. By using the word “hope” you are giving up control. 

You need to cultivate a plan, and not “hope” for one. Develop routines and habits to ensure your business is consistently successful.. If you’ve ever played the game of pool, the biggest take away is not the initial shot, but setting up for the next shot. You should always be setting up your business for the next move. Remember, success isn’t based on chance but calculated steps to achieving those goals. Watch your words and watch your thoughts. Think positive. If you speak something you may bring something into existence and not in a good way.

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