The Law Of Attraction

law of attraction

What exactly is “The Law Of Attraction?”

In short, whatever positive or negative thoughts you put out in the universe, will end up showing itself in your life or every day activity. So, the best way to harness this, is to avoid negativity at all costs. 

True Story – I had an employee who worked less than a year for me. She started out great and on a positive path. She hit a few bumps in the road, and not only talked about her negative situations with customers, but began writing them in posts online. By doing this, she wasn’t aware of how the law of attraction was showing itself…and in a very negative way. She never bounced back and ended up quitting.

So here’s 3 tips to make the “law of attraction” work in your favor.

1. Manifest it – Picture it as if it has already happened. You have to believe it.  Use your scent of sight, as it is in front of you. Use your scent of sound to hear what the universe is saying. The bottom line is, belief is the key to manifesting your desires.

2. Letting Go – Holding on and hoping for a change allows you to give up the power you need to invest in yourself. So, holding on too tight to an idea may actually kill the idea. Change your words, change your thoughts.

3. Express Gratitude – Whatever comes your way, begin to express gratitude in your journey. Be grateful for everything you receive. The positive vibrations from this will help attain your vision. 

Eric DeLuca

Eric DeLuca

A hairdresser/barber helping those find their voice in the beauty industry. Sharing skills about the trade in creating a strong mindset. His coaching has helped hundreds identify the needs in building their personal brand and attaining their goals. He believes anyone can be successful, but it starts with a vision.

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