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How many times has someone you work with look like they stumbled out of bed? No matter the excuse for not appearing ready for work, we have an image to uphold. I heard someone say once “You can always tell the busy hairdressers, because they don’t have time to do their own hair.” Would the same apply to a dentist?

If you’re 8 years old you’ve got excuses, but as an adult in the beauty biz, we set an example of high standards. Those that don’t, may even suffer the consequences of losing clients. I’ve seen it 1st hand. I worked with a stylist who was getting laxed about her own image and new walk in clients weren’t interested in having her service them. Their exact words….”Do you have anyone else available?”

Your hair should look neat, your make up should be on point, and you should be dressed for success. Besides appearance, pay attention to what you might be eating. Garlic in anything isn’t a popular choice when being that close in someone’s space. Always have breath mints available.

The experience a person has in a salon or barbershop, reflects the business as a whole. And yes, unfortunately one bad apple can spoil the rest. Sitting down with the person as an owner is a must. As a fellow stylist or barber you may feel obligated to say something. We live in a hyper-sensitive world, so choose your words wisely. But business is business.

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Eric DeLuca

Eric DeLuca

A hairdresser/barber helping those find their voice in the beauty industry. Sharing skills about the trade in creating a strong mindset. His coaching has helped hundreds identify the needs in building their personal brand and attaining their goals. He believes anyone can be successful, but it starts with a vision.

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