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There’s a lot of free ways to get organic traffic when you are advertising yourself online. Besides the heavyweights like Facebook & Instagram, there are other sites you can use to really put yourself out there. One of which is

While this still may be a new platform to some people, it’s a lot more localized than Facebook. It goes according to the city you sign up for. So, if you work in Troy, you’d put your business address as opposed to your home. After all you want to use it for your business!

You can sign up for it, but in some cases someone may invite you to join. Like Facebook, there are people always looking for recommendations. There may be someone looking for your industry. Again it’s a free platform and a great way to get clients.

 Put yourself out there and tell people what you do. Offer services or specials. It’s a great way to get hair models for cuts to add to your portfolio and possibly have them as a future client. Start a conversation with someone and add to the topics being talked about so people get to know you.

Maybe someone is looking for a painter and you know someone. Drop a name and you may be there next go to person. Subtly mention what you do. This is a soft sell instead of just emailing them what you do and hope they come see you. Form relationships. It all starts with a conversation.

Nextdoor focuses on recommendations, but also has alerts on there as well. So if there’s a dog missing in your area or a suspicious vehicle doing questionable things, you’ll be alerted through peoples posts.

You may even find out who bought a house in that area. Be sure to welcome them to the city. There is potential on this site. You just have to tap into it. * A word of caution…don’t get involved in any conversations about things unrelated to hair and become part of that local drama online. Because even on Nextdoor, like Facebook people complain about things. Someone’s dog is barking on Trombley street or someone’s grass is too long.

Be professional & be known. This could be your biggest traffic source!!

When was the last time you used Craigslist? Most of Craigslist involves a fee now, to advertise something on there. But that shouldn’t stop you from using it as a free traffic source. 

The best way to get new clients, is to offer a free service for your portfolio. So, if you are putting yourself on Craigslist looking for models, this’ll be a great way to get your message out and possibly build some new clients. Just head over to the “community section” and start posting.

If you haven’t made a video yet, now’s a good time. You can take the video right from your phone and post immediatley on YouTube. Take the opportunity to post hair advice, tips, tricks, makeovers, and even testamonies. You can then take those links and share them on any social media platform. It’s a great way to create authority online!
(more info to come on YouTube to help your business)