The Social Media giant can be used for your business!!

Let’s talk posting
I’m sure at some point you’ve shared a recipe or a meme, or something you were interested in sharing on your page. So, why not share more about your business? Again it’s free. So take the time to post about your business. 

Take the time to create a Facebook business page. Unlike your personal page, you need a separate page to really grow your brand. Your personal page of vacation pictures and surveys are fine for personal, but having a Facebook business page let’s the reader know how serious you are about what you do. 

Be sure to fill out all the necessary information so people can find you. Make sure if there’s a website you are using, it’s in working order. You can easily add that to your Facebook business page. Make sure your place of work is visible as well as the number you can be reached at. Add a short description to tell people about yourself. Your profile and cover photo are extremely important. It’s the 1st thing they’ll see. The name of your business page can include your name, but make sure the subject matter is conveyed in the name as well. For example “Hair By Mary” or “Hair Tech Jim” Using words related to your business will make it easy for them to remember. You could even make it fun with a play with words like “Freddies Fab Fashion Hair.” 

Your business name should be the same as your Instagram name. These pages should be linked together. The + ADD A BUTTON is a nice feature. This can create a call to action for your followers. Facebook will guide you when something should be filled out or give you stats on which posts are doing best. These analytics are important for future posts. 

Join pages and groups related to your city. When someone asks for a recommendation, this could be your opportunity to chime in. Stay active in answering things and they may come to you for their next question. Creating quality posts creates value. This can’t be emphasized enough. To simply state your working hours, just isn’t enough. Just as you can tag on Instagram, you can tag on Facebook. This is a great way to connect with a brand or clients and their followers who see it. 

Facebook Boosting vs. Facebook Ads… 

So what’s better boosting a post or paying for an ad? Boosting will allow you to take a Facebook post and allow more people to see it. While that sounds great, you can target your audience even better in a Facebook ad. Built with a specific campaign in mind, a Facebook ad can offer highly specific targeting options. From gender to age, location & even interests, this is a great way to get your message out there. However, if you are no well versed in Facebook ads, learn about them more before spending money. There’s plenty of YouTube videos based on this.

Facebook SEO

Do you know what SEO stands for? It stands for search engine optimization. It’s basically how things are found online. Key words are used and optimized so when you search for something, you are directed to that information with that particular website.

So SEO is the reason you joined certain Facebook groups that you may have searched out. SEO is used even when you do just a regular Google Search. In fact people pay a lot of money to be on the 1st page of Google when you are searching for specific keywords. That’s when you’ll see an ad and the site. Now if this doesn’t make a lot of sense, don’t worry about it, you’ll get it. Just know that Facebook has their own SEO built in.

Have you ever seen someone ask for a recommendation? This is really popular with Facebook. This means Facebook is being used as a legitimate source for people to find leads.

Go to your search bar and put in “does anyone know a hairdresser?” Facebook will give you the most current information about that topic, but every time I add a keyword it now searches with more detail. So now I go to the search bar and put in “does anyone know a hairdresser in Ann Arbor?” This could give you the opportunity to respond and possibly get a new client. But I will tell you, as you’re building a relationship online with a potential client, one of the most important things you can do is “ask questions.” Asking questions keeps the conversation going!

Facebook Groups 

Welcome to one of the most powerful parts of Facebook. Keep reading to find out how you can check out my latest e-book on Facebook groups!

Did you know Facebook allows you to join 6000 groups? Besides having a Facebook page, you need to know the power of having your own group. But let me tell you how powerful a Facebook group really is. I have a t-shirt company I work for, that I sell shirts using Facebook groups. I sell a lot of shark shirts. Reason being, I’ve joined groups related to sharks, so I have a target audience built into those groups. Those people are in those groups because they like love sharks. Hence they may love a shark shirt or shark mug. 

You see it’s all about your target audience. And with a Facebook group you have the opportunity to target your audience. So, if I join groups related to owls and people who love owls, I’ll advertise shirt or hoodies to that audience that love owls. And guess what happens? I make sales. 

So let’s say you join a city group your salon is in and you advertise your business in that city. If people are looking in that city already, they may use you. Of course always look at what the group will allow or not allow when it comes to posting. Going back to creating your own Facebook group… It’s important to have one! Mostly because you will be in control of it, and it will be good for business. The hardest part will be starting it.  

In order to create a successful Facebook group, you need to know a few things. 1st off make sure the name you pick really explains what the group is about. Facebook has it’s own SEO, so if people are searching for related keywords, you may have more eyes on your name using certain keywords. 2nd Remember to not put links in your posts, but in your comment section. You may even want to tell people reading the post, be sure to check the 1st comment for more info. You want to do this because Facebook will limit your reach if you’re putting links in your posts. They want you to stay on Facebook. 3rd be consistent with postings. Facebook loves posting, and even more when the audience is engaged. So every comment, every like, tells Facebook, something’s going on in that group! This is the reason you’ll see Facebook show you similar groups on the right you might be interested in. 

Join groups in your community. This is free advertising, so utilize it! 

Facebook groups are used by over one billion people, but that isn’t the reason they’re so powerful and important.

The reason? Engagement.

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